db electronics began business in the mid 1970’s in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Northshore Drive. In the mid 1990’s we moved to Papermill Road and are now located on Central Ave Pike in North Knoxville. , here is a scanned image of an invoice for our original SAE parts inventory.

SAE Invoice

Invoice for our original SAE parts inventory

Our Diagnostic Equipment

Welcome to the workbenches. There are repair shops who make things work again, and then there are repair shops who make things work right again. We think you’ll see from the photos that db electronics is one of the latter. Customers get the benefit of a calibration laboratory full of equipment to verify the quality of our repairs.

db electronics bench 1

Workbench 1

Workbench 1 has the test equipment that is used most often in the repair of high fidelity audio equipment.

(FM Generator, video monitor, test tapes, test disks, frequency counter, Wow and Flutter Meter, THD analyzer, oscilloscope, audio generator, test bench receiver, variac panel, patch panel, cleaning materials, soldering iron, multi-meter)

Occasionally there is a need for other test equipment in order to make a measurement or complete a repair. Here’s a sample of some of the extra equipment:

db electronics bench 2

Workbench 2

(AC VTVM, vacumn solder station, function-sweep generator ,LCR bridge, square wave generator, portable battery operated oscilloscope, ac microvolter, 5L4N spectrum analyzer, video pattern generator (Yes, we sometimes work on video equipment.), tone burst generator)

In the future we would like to expand this page to include more details about the people who worked for us over the years and some photos and such but for now just to show that we have really been in business since the 1970’s.